Wish List for Opening the Cannonball Cafe

(An asterisk means cash donations would help us buy what we need.)

Donate to the Feel the Love Campaign at

Single Panini grill
Waring Mixer (Innovative Rest Supply)
Waring food Processor ( “ )
Set of Chef Knives
Microwave (household)
Toaster (household)

Restaurant floor mats
Industrial entryway mats
Coffee shop flag
*Legal for Tender Scales
Security cameras
Stereo system to use w/ Pandora

Coffee Items
*Coffee grinders
*Coffee bean dispensers
*Euro-Café syrups & sauces

French press pots

Stuart’s Spices
*Start up Restaurant food supplies

All-in-one color printer

Outdoor list
Landscaping in the spring!
Flower pots of all sizes
Paper towels, Bathroom products

Fiesta ware colored dishes


Every item on our Wish List will help us build a more just, sustainable world and empower more people to achieve a sustainable recovery.

What can you help us with?

Email us at CoffeeConnection681South@gmail.com to find out our latest needs
for equipment and furnishings for the stores. The list changes every week!

An extra special wish:

  • A small van we can use for pick up and delivery for the Coffee Connection

And volunteers for almost anything you have an interest in, including:

  • gardening
  • cooking and baking
  • baristas
  • maintenance
  • transportation
  • fundraising
  • administrative/office work
  • bookkeeping